About Ralph Graceffa:

“I come from a family of teachers. I want to educate my clients. I want to show them how to best utilize the programs that exist in today’s market. This is the biggest investment that many people will make in their lifetime and I feel that it is important for a person to fully understand their options before starting the process. Listening to my client’s long term goals and educating them on the different programs that can work to achieve these goals is my number one priority!”

Ralph Graceffa has experience in the mortgage industry since 2004. After managing another mortgage firm branch, Ralph easily transitioned to Residential Mortgage Services in 2008. Here, Ralph has become a trusted Loan Officer serving both Maine and Massachusetts clients. Ralph studied at Brandeis University, earning his bachelors degree in comparative literature. In his spare time, Ralph enjoys composing music, working out, and spending time with his twin daughters, Carmella and Lucia.